What if…everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for?

The human system has an amazing ability to adapt, heal and grow. At times this ability is overwhelmed by life’s circumstances and events, or by the build-up of long term stressors. These get locked up deep inside the body’s tissues, blocking healing and growth, leading to disease, an out-of-sync feeling or discontentment with life. Facilitation of a healing process can release tension and complete new or old overwhelming experiences, freeing up potential, returning to a state of balance, strengthening resilience and encouraging a feeling of well-being and contentment.

Typical issues and needs addressed at the practice

Exposure to traumatic events

Dealing with life transitions, changes and adjustment

Chronic emotional and/or physical discomfort


Mood difficulties – Depression


Relationship difficulties

Career discomfort

Discontentment with life

Feeling overwhelmed

Spiritual and personal growth

Deeper connection

Therapeutic interventions

During a session, the most accommodating psychotherapeutic space is created where the person’s internal spontaneous healing process can unfold. The client’s needs, place in process and personal preferences are taken into consideration when entering a therapeutic field. The following formed the basis of my training, but during a session, the moment will take us where we need to go:
MA Clinical Psychology
SHIP® (Spontaneous Healing IntraSystemic Process)
TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)
CST® (CranioSacrial Therapy), SER® (SomatoEmotional Release), VM® (Visceral Manipulation)
QC® (Quantum Constellations/Family Constellations)
None of these techniques are used in it’s purest form, as life added a few ‘herbs and spices’ to the way I view healing and growth.