Who Is Mari-Luisa Becker

During my internship year as a Clinical Psychologist I felt a strong sense that ‘there must be more’. After seven years, I felt like I knew very little of the intricacies of the fascinating human being.

Inquisitive, I entered a process called SHIP®. I discovered that the world of wisdom is safely stored inside our bodies – each person concealing a different part of life’s mystery. During my time in SHIP® I opened up and completed trauma locked up deep inside the tissue of my body – discovering so much more of me, waking up the frozen potentialities of self, slowly accumulating wisdom.

Somewhere during those years, I started to experience that my hands could feel ‘more than they are supposed to’. Another world came to life. Integrating this with my love of anatomy and physiology I started my training in CranioSacral Therapy®, Visceral-® and Neural Manipulation®. I discovered that my hands can feel the same process that my body can experience, and can unlock stubborn on-hold energy.

My healing process was profound, but slow and painful and often made me feel ungrounded. Raising children and running a 7h/day practice, I prayed for a solution. TRE® changed my life, bringing fun and groundedness to a healing process. Integrating these modalities helped me to unlock parts of me that I couldn’t imagine existed. Changes rippled through my family. Clients blossomed. Life’s impossibilities became possible…

I was born on 3 February 1972 in Pretoria. In my tenth year, my family of seven moved to a small town and farm in the Northern Cape. I matriculated in 1989 at High School Griquatown.

1990 – 1994

From 1990-1994 I studied BA (Psychology) and Honours in Psychology after-hours at the University of Pretoria, while working full-time. 1995-1998 I spent time as an assistant-lecturer in statistics and conducting small workshops at the University of Pretoria, working at Life Line and raising my first born. During 1999 I did my academic year of Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of the North. 

2002 – 2004

The year thereafter I completed my internship at Weskoppies and Pretoria Academic Hospital. While raising my second baby, I completed my dissertation (Understanding Postpartum Depression: Women’s qualitative experience of motherhood) and registered as Psychologist in May 2003. During 2002 I started my training as SHIP® (Spontaneous Healing Intrasystemic Process) facilitator under the supervision of Dr JO Steenkamp. In 2004 I commenced my community service year at Bronkhorstspruit, Zithobeni and Refilwe Clinics and gained experience in this therapeutic technique. During this year, I was exposed to various aspects of psychobiological imbalances and trauma with a diverse cultural client base.

2005 – 2013

I registered my private practice in Pretoria, 2005. In October I registered as SHIP® facilitator. Due to my interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body I did international training in the techniques Cranio Sacral Therapy® through the Upledger Institute, and Visceral Manipulation® & Neural Manipulation through the Barral Institute from 2007-2016. During 2010 I started my training in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises®. This technique integrates all the other techniques I am using.

2012 took me back to the Northern Cape where I opened a private practice in Douglas. To be part of the community, I did therapy at the Department of Health for 10 hours per week, where I was exposed to a diverse cultural client base again.

2014 – 2018

2014 brought new depth to my life when I was blessed with a little boy with Down Syndrome. 2017 brought me to the Garden Route where a new level of purpose awaits. As a wife and mother of three, I bring balance into my life by spending time in nature, reading, writing, yoga, artistic painting, carpentry and gardening. In 2018 I joined Vitali Health Centre as a Clinical Psychologist in Wilderness, close to George.