Nutrition & Mood

Research shows a strong link between nutrition and mood/psychiatric conditions, as well as the value of supplementation for these dis-eases. A psychotherapeutic proses can also be taxing on the system and supplementation is advisable.

Over the years I’ve tried, tested and researched different supplements and manufacturers and find the following products the most effective (and using it in my own family as well):

  • Mannatech: Omega3 with Vit D3 (According to research one of the most important and effective supplements in psychiatry. This product is the purest I could find for my own little one with special needs)
  • Mannatech: PLUS – A product that feeds the endocrine/hormonal system (no hormones in the product, just ‘food’); which is directly related to mood (and other conditions).
  • Mannatech: Ambrotose – restores cell to cell communication, where one of the various outcomes is to enhance mood.
    B-vitamins, amino acids, vit D, and minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium are also indicated, therefore food based vitamins and minerals often make a difference. We use Mannatech’s OSP (optimal support packets) which includes PLUS, Anti Oxidants, and vitamins and minerals.

There are various products on the market, of which I cannot give enough detail. Speak to your health care practitioner if you need to know about other products. If you are interested in the Mannatech products you can order, or speak to me for more information.

Supplementation is not a drug that manipulates symptoms, but feeds the body to enable it to restore health, therefore it is no quick fix. Even though many people report a difference within a few days, cell restoration might take weeks to months.